Sunday, 30 December 2018


I Am Constantly Amazed by the many tasks my cargobike, a Christiania Cargo, helps me with. 

On Monday I discovered a new one: taking my bike for a walk. 
       There I was spending my lovely Christmas gift cards in Robert Dyas, and picking up practical items such as a rectangular bucket (my mop is rectangular after all), stoneware pie dishes for new year and a fresh supply of black sacks. Such was the beauty of the morning I decided to walk home. 
       The bike carried the load while I walked beside it (cargobikes don't need you to balance them). One-way streets? Just keep to the right so that you face and acknowledge oncoming traffic. 
       As the London Green Cycles website says, the Christiania Cargo is a 'solid workhorse with very little to go wrong'. Look here for just some of the tasks this bike can accomplish. 

Many people in W1 occupy what are popularly known as shoeboxes - I am one - and time over weekends and holidays is well spent following New London Architecture's sage advice: Don't move, Improve.
       This is W1 Hardware in Great Portland Street. At No. 18, it's half a block away from Oxford Street itself.

The shop is a total joy to walk in to. Along with the paints, PVA and wallplugs, they offer customised advice as well as reassurance. You can also ask questions, compare prices, and swap tales of DiY derring do with other customers. I'm off soon to calibrate my cable detector. 
       So, key to such endeavours is the presence of such shops as the local DiY, shoehorned in among the many fine buildings, gleaming shop fronts, and magical side streets of London's West End.


  1. Hi Sally. Very well written blog and great insight to cargo bikes. I haven't seen many of those around which is quite surprising given the practicality... Enjoy your weekend Shaz ;)

  2. Great to hear from you, Shaz. Nice to meet up yesterday. My cargobike is totally my best frind on the road - & I do agree with you - it’s surprising perhaps that more people haven’t discovered how practical they are. Bon weekend.

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