Monday, 17 December 2018

Thoughts on the European family

The Referendum cannot be undone.

It was informative (Latin referendum, meaning 'referring') and that was to be expected.

Let us heed it.

Let us proceed as follows:

1  Revocation of Article 50 (more, more to come).

2  Resume our place as a member state of the EU (it gets better). As M. Verhofstadt said this same day (@guyverhofstadt): 'Britain's place should be at the heart of Europe'.

Pay our way with appropriate enthusiasm, inspiration, ideas, governance, application, filial feeling and all monetary dues. 

(now it gets even more interesting) 

3  Acknowledge that many of our countrymen and -women do NOT feel this way about Europe.


4  A relatively simple way of starting this process would be to: Establish EU liaison pop-ups in every town and city. These would be staffed by student ambassadors and the like. EU member states could help the UK establish these - and adopt them likewise if appropriate. Member states, of which we, in our divided state (let's not hide it), would be one, could even establish the modern equivalent of the maisons de la culture so that EU actions could be seen and discussed in every High Street.

Thank you. 

NB: the above is my logical response to reading Sir Ivan Rogers' speech at Liverpool (Saturday 15 December 2018 on Twitter).

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