Monday, 12 November 2018

A picture! A new Mr Blobby? Alas, no. It's a picture of failure. In testing my plastic-making skills, you can see my little polymeric spheres have aggregated: they've gone from being separate to sticking together. But they have not yet reached a point where they will fuse to make a single mass that can be moulded. I'll melt them down again next week and try to get the temperature right this time. However, there's something else I forgot to do. Can you work out what it is? Learning note: much better to fail on this small scale than on a larger scale.

Not long ago I attended an open day on the subject of plastic. I know, I know, but not the disposable kind. Plastic is one of my favourite building materials and now that it comes in a thermal form that melts and sets at relatively low temperatures (think 62 degrees C), I couldn't wait to get my hands on some.

You may have seen the television programme The Secret Story of Stuff where it was seen, among other things, in the creative hands of Dr Zoe Laughlin, co-founder and Director of the Institute of Making). 

Well, as per yesterday's post about my sloping bed, this week I will be fashioning the stuff into a state of the art bed prop. And the best thing of all? As a true polymer, it can be melted down and reformed time and time again.

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