Wednesday, 28 November 2018

A freehand drawing of a projected Lady Tower in the City of Westminster in juxtaposition to the male towers of the City of London

Artist's impression of The Lady Tower on the London skyline
with thanks to CNN.COM for the original image


Have at you, gentlemen. I love the way cities give their tallest, often most priapic, buildings descriptive names. We have our share in London. In The Hague, the parallel triangular gabled towers of the Ministry of Health building (a magnificent structure imo) gets called 'Tits of The Hague'. Well, that celebrates womanhood. So, here in London, how about sponsoring a building that celebrates the female genitalia (technical term) to balance things out a bit. 

So may I submit model v.1, top, of how it might look in situ, with a close up, bottom, of the viewing platform. The structure could be called The Lady Tower, a viewing space from within the vulva.  Thank you.

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