Friday, 9 November 2018

Like many Londoners, I live in what architects are wont to call a 'shoebox'. Since it's also central, that suits me fine. The shoebox, however, is part of a late nineteenth century terraced house that's built on a wooden frame. And, well, the floors sag and slope a bit. When I moved in, the slope in the upstairs living room was such that if one moved too quickly across the room there was a distinct possibility that enough velocity would be gained to deposit one at the bottom of the stairs.
The living room has since had remedial action - an underlay of ply to level it off, with lino on top. I'm now working out what to do about the sloping floor in the bedroom. With a wooden bed frame, one need only shorten the legs on one side.

My bed base is now made of plastic: light, airy and easy to move. I don't like tucking in sheets too tightly. Add a large billowy duvet, two little cats, and the newspapers or equivalent, and the whole thing resembles a sloping art bed à la Tracey Emin. I won't be able to photograph it of course since Ms Emin is truly the copyright holder of the messy bed.

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