Wednesday, 12 September 2018

There's something about autumn that turns on the work gene, which is all creativity is really: work. There, does that puncture the grandeur of the term create for you? It's ordinary, we are all blessed with the ability to do it, to work at it until it becomes second nature.

It might in fact be first nature; we individually and we as a society have just overridden that poor little gene with so much of what we must do or think we must do. 

       Today's tasks are mounting up - it is Friday after all - so I have to get back to work now. Let me leave you with my latest create list:

  • paint yellow safety strip on bottom step (I've already sanded and swept)
  • insert reflective properties into the sun symbol of 'Untitled II'
  • random  i.e. advance something or other even if it's just storing some more stuff not immediately needed in the outhouse

Thursday already . . . 

I hope you all want to see the new loo roll holder. Rather industrial I think; I'm not really a lover of frilly bathrooms.

Following your own creative path leads to happiness. Most days at work we have to put our creative side to work problem-solving with very little room left for what we might consider more artistic creative pursuits. But *everyone* is creative.
       The annoying thing about work is the time pressure it puts us under: get up, wash dress/breakfast - get on the tube/bus/bike. All our morning thoughts and morning ideas have to give way to the more humdrum. I believe they're never lost though. The mind tidies them away until we find the time and space to make them real.

I am going to try to tell you about one typical morning when I woke up with ideas and put them into practice. Put them into practice after overcoming the usual inertia that is. 

  • dreaming of a 'sculpture' for the bathroom (bathrooms are so dull), which turned out to be my repurposing a black cast iron plinth (the table top had gone) to make a loo roll holder. Instant impact (and very practical).
  • remembering that I need to renew the yellow safety paint on the outside steps. (Rain stopped play here - but at least the tin of paint is ready and waiting.)
  • having exactly the right idea for the companion piece for my 'Untitled I' light work and knowing I have the materials to hand.

Peter Walker @peterwalker99 tweets that:
"At Treasury questions Philip Hammond notes that the freeze on fuel duty has cost the government £46bn so far, and amounts to twice as much per year as spending on NHS doctors & nurses."

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