Thursday, 12 July 2018

I've been reading some Dutch blogs (thanks Dutch News for the recent list). 

Almost my first memory of Holland was being given lovely fresh Dutch bread and butter with chocolate sprinkles on top.

Me and my friend M. were staying at the Amsterdam student hostel spending our days in the Rijksmuseum. Rembrandt and hagelslag - we girls wanted for nothing. 

So when I saw that Stuart, the author of Invading Holland, had made his own hagelslag using m&ms, that Dutch memory flooded back in full colour and I thought I'd give hagelslag a try.

Maybe blue and green would be too dazzling first thing in the morning I thought (especially since Eng had just lost to Cro). So I poured them all out onto a dinner plate, grabbed a polythene bag, and picked out the paler colours.

I toasted the bread, It's easier to fit more butter onto hot bread. :-D

My chosen instrument of destruction was a rolling pin. Over and over the bag it went. That sugar coating is so crunchy and sharp it actually made holes in the bag. 

Really yum though. And of course after breakfast for the rest of the morning I crunched through all the 'other colours' as well.

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