Monday, 30 July 2018

Re washing the kitchen floor yesterday

Well, I have to say, that floor was very surprised to get washed. But the nice thing about being surrounded by work is that I'm always thinking about my projects on some level and it's actually quite easy to fit in other things. Do contribute your own thoughts on how you manage to fit real life into art/design practice.

Living, as I do, surrounded by my work I think my aim really must be to make it such a part of routine that it becomes not much different to doing the washing up. 

. . . doesn't matter how you look at it

my little studio is topsy turvy and A Mess

it's something that is a normal part of the creative process, at least I think so. In any case, chaos is energy - don't fight it. Yesterday I washed the bathroom floor - I'm painting a mural in there on one section of the wall. This morning, after doing some work on the mural, moving some stuff I'm selling off to make more room and cutting some Daler board for another project, I washed the kitchen floor.

Clarity, minimalism's most inspiring aspect, has taken over my guest bed space. Good. But the mess and disorder have been transferred to my sitting room. Not so good. Time for a before and  after pic (check back later).

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