Saturday, 31 March 2018

A weekend spent moulding plaster

Ha, does anyone want to volunteer to do my washing up?

Did you see my adapted 'apple-a-day' saying on Twitter?
It reads "One creative act a day keeps the doctor well away."
A pic to show progress on 'twigpot' - slow but steady.

A bit like archaeology

Days when you have to make your own fun . . .
They come along, don't they, often unexpectedly. Mine arrived as a result of my plan to make a twigpot - a free-form shape that I can drill holes in to hold spring blossom and leaves.

Now that I've turned off all news media (see below), my phone, and have given Deliveroo the run of my iPhone (not used as my 'phone' if you see what I mean), it's up to me to entertain myself. So, it's on with the plastic apron, out with the spatulas and the great unmoulding can begin. 

This is what it looks like at the moment.

I've turned off all news media - and not just for the holidays
It was easy. I just removed the news media buttons off my iPhone (press until the wobbly crosses come up then hit the crosses on the stuff you want to delete).

And now I have a new and surprising freedom away from the alarums and chatter.

After all, who are these overweening people who seem to have taken over our lives?

Do we owe them a living? Do we like the subjects they're writing about? Maybe we think we need the constant news updates and reports. Do we feel we are owed this as part of the democratic process? Think how it feels from the other side (if I can use that term in a non-partisan way) to be constantly harassed and criticised by the media and followers of the media for doing a job the harassers and critics couldn't do, and that in any case one was elected or recruited to do. Democracy is complicated and that perhaps is part of the problem. Nothing created by man (if I can use that term in a non-gendered way) is perfect. It needs revising; it needs to evolve, to become more functional, to work truer and better.

What do you think? [comments below]

Anyway, I've banished the news and replaced it with subjects I am interested in. Arts and sciences mostly. And the fact that I've got a Deliveroo Easter card ("It could be anything from £2.50 up to £1000"). I'll keep you posted.
* A £10 credit

What are you planning to do today? 

Tweet, text, call, visit, shop, tidy up, cook, work, relax, none or all of these?

My plan is to make some stem vases to hold branches of spring blossom and opening leaves.

Hang on a sec, I'm making something really simple so I won't be using a complicated double mould with a hollow centre just alginate and some plaster. The vases won't be able to hold water, they'll just have a fairly shallow hole drilled in the top. But perfect for a twig. Problem solved.

This is my cue for saddling up the bike and riding off to get some fresh air. Before I had the cargobike, in fact, Regent's Park always felt slightly too far to walk. No longer. The pic above shows the Outer Circle route looking towards Chester Terrace. When the light hits the beautiful stucco of the Nash Terraces like this I feel I've gone through a lens and become part of a film set. 

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