Sunday, 18 February 2018

On Friday, I discovered another brilliant use for a cargobike. I can use it to get me up in the morning. No, not by cycling round the bedroom; it would hardly fit for a start. I throw on some clothes, grab my keys and I'm off.This is what those dog walkers have known all along. Walking - and cycling - activates the feet. The flexing of each foot acts as a pump to drive sleepy blood up the legs (against gravity) which all adds up to persuading your
circulation to send oxygen-filled blood up to where it's needed most at this point: your head. The awake brain can be a much happier brain. So, neat if you ask me - and the effort if you're sitting on a cargobike is minimal compared with, say, jogging. 

Cargobikes: so many designs, so much capacity, so safe, so smooth-running, so many uses. And available with e-assist (which can also be retrofitted) or dynamo.

And just as those dog walkers know they'll meet other dog walkers, other people will be out riding their cargobikes, whether to work or on errands. Plenty of people to exchange waves and smiles with, a very nice way to start the day if you ask me.

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